Made in Australia

Proudly family owned and operated in Victoria, Australia.


Contains no GMO’s, no growth addictives and no anti-biotics.

ARTG Listed

Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

TGA Approved

Assessed by the Therapeutic GoodsAdministration for quality and safety.

Customer Reviews

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To early to tell


Best heat rub in Australia.

D*** it works!

Not sure if it was a bunch of hikes or a gluten reaction, but I've come down with a bout of joint and muscle inflammation over the past week. Cracked one of these open to try out when I got home from my travels and within a day, the inflammation settled down to about 50%...after the 2nd day, it's reduced down to about 80%. I'm super surprised at the effectiveness and am glad it ships overseas cuz I will be getting more when my stash runs out. People sensitive to scents, you should know that upon application, it's got a cod fish liver oil scent but fades away after a bit. There's enough menthol and spices to abate the undertone of emu oil. I wasn't disturbed by it at all.

Gay Boden
Excellent product

As a new user to this product I am finding it very helpful to relieve my knee pain from arthritis and find it helps me keep up the activities I enjoy. Taichi and quigong . Thank you. Gay

JA O'Sullivan
Arthritic & Muscular Rub

I have experienced such relief from my condition [reactive arthritis] I use it daily and gain peace of mind because it helps handle the pain in all my joints and muscles.
I’ve also found that this product helps me with my lungs which had been affected by 2 covid19 infections. Rubbed into the back of the ribs and lung area, it helps so much it’s also part of a daily routine!

I sincerely hope this product will be around for a very long time!