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Emu oil for arthritic pain - Cathy.

It is very rare that I “put pen to paper” for any reason at all !!
I purchased your Arthritic & Muscular Rub on the recommendation of the Health Food store in Eltham.

The arthritic pain in my foot was unbearable. I had a lump on the upside of my foot, the size of the tip of your little finger, obviously protruding. It was unbearable and touch sensitive. (don’t dare touch my foot if you treasure your life ). I have not ever had such pain, although I have suffered from arthritis for many years.

I cannot believe that 4 days later, after rubbing this product into my foot (which was difficult due to the said pain) I can barely locate the area that causing this pain.

Just saying, thank you. It really really really works.

Emu oil for arthritis - Bernard R.

Good Morning, I have just opened a bottle of 1 litre emu oil I recently purchased from you. I had purchased 2 x 1 litre bottles however I have not opened the second bottle yet.

I have been taking emu oil for the past 11 years.

I only started purchasing from you as my previous supplier “Emu Tracks” supplied me with an inferior product. However after taking the inferior quality oil my arthritis returned with a vengeance. They refunded me for the product and I started buying from your company.

I have been very happy with the product from your company, one month after starting taking your product the arthritis disappeared, so your product is good.ere.

Muscular rub for back pain - Marlene, Tooradin, VIC

Thanks a lot for the emu rub, my husband’s back is so painful and he has tried numerous products but says this is the one that eases his pain. He used it last night before he went to watch his soccer team he said it helps heaps so much as the soothing warmth soothes his back pain. He says this product is the best for him.

Skincare and capsules - Sharon W., Coolgardie, Western Australia.

Initially I was only interested in the Hand and Body Lotion, but have also been using the Night Cream on my neck and chest for about 2 months or so. The results have been noticeable!

My skin, in winter is very dry and scaly and my neck and chest are badly sun damaged. (Not unlike many others, grew up in the sun, no sunscreen!)

My co- workers have commented on how soft my skin looks. If I wasn’t convinced by that even my husband has passed comment that my skin looks clear and soft! The Hand and Body Lotion is rich and creamy and soaks in so well with no greasy residue. The splits on the ends of my fingers have healed which is amazing as no other restorative hand cream has managed to help.

I am so impressed with the products for the outside body I thought I might try Oil of Emu Omega 369. I have only been taking this for 2 weeks. I’m hoping that it will further help with my skin as well as the PMS symptoms I have. Early day’s yet but I really am confident there will be a benefit.

So again thank you Emu Spirit! I have cleaned out my bathroom cupboard and thrown out the rubbish that doesn’t help. I have found a natural product that I will continue to use indefinitely.

Muscular rub for arthritic knees - Graham B., Melbourne, Victoria

I have been using Emu Oil Capsules and Arthritic Rub for 6 months now and the relief they have given me is beyond anything I have previously tried, and I’ve tried a lot. My arthritic knees wake me sometimes three times a night during slumber, I keep my rub on the beside table so I have easy access to applying in the middle of the night. Within no time the rub gives me enough relief that I am able to return to slumber. I would certainly not be without it!!

Muscle pain and sport injuries (oil massage) - Sydney Swans Football Club

On behalf of the Sydney Swans Football Club, I have great pleasure in presenting you with this signed Swans jumper as a small token of our appreciation for continuing to make available your Emu Spirit products to our medical staff.

We have found your Emu Spirit Oil of Emu to be invaluable in the treatment of injuries. Our players are massaged with the oil both before and after games, and the oil is used during games to treat impact injuries and muscular & joint strains. Our medical staff has observed a very noticeable reduction in bruising, swelling and inflammation when the Oil of Emu is used. Players comment on the relief they get from the unique anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. A further bonus is that unlike other treatments, the oil can be used on broken skin. I have no hesitation in endorsing Emu Spirit Oil of Emu as the best treatment for inflammation and injuries I have used.

Regards, Wally Jackson – Head Trainer Sydney Swans

Migraine and muscle tension - Anonymous

After 30 years as a professional massage therapist, Gary Miritis has seen the benefits of Emu oil day in day out for years. And as I discovered, he can also help you overcome your fear of pain. Sort of.

Gary Miritis’ name is known around sporting circles as the person you see when you have Osteitis Pubis – a painful inflammatory condition of the pubic symphysis (the joint between the right and left pubic bones of the pelvis). Although Gary treats all injuries, Osteitis Pubis is the biggest injury his clinic treats.

Gary has been a massage therapist for 30 years specialising in Deep Tissue Massage – his clinic, Miritis Massage, performs 3 types of massage: remedial, sports, and relaxation.

Together with fellow Massage Therapists Darren Fulton and Adam Scammell, Mirits Massage treats many elite sports people including Cathy Freeman, Craig Mottram, Harry Kewell, Sonia O’Sullivan, Donovan Bailey, Chris Judd, Luke Hodge, and Anthony Koutoufidies (to name a few) as clients past and present. Added to this impressive list is the experience Mirits Massage has had from representing Australia at 3 Olympic Game, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and many other International and National Sporting events.

‘Well, being Cathy Freeman’s personal masseur for her entire career is up there. I also got to represent Australia at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and the World Championships – that’s been amazing too. But I also get to meet many people, all types of people.’ Gary spoke about his career highlight.

‘This might be a silly question but does it ever hurt massaging people day in day out?’

‘Well, I have arthritis in my hands.’

I guess that answered my question.

‘But it is helped by massaging in one way because we use Emu oil for all of our treatments. I guess you could say it’s a positive side effect. I also use the capsules to help my condition and that’s been a huge relief.’’

I knew Gary used Emu oil for remedial massages but I didn’t know it was used for everything. ‘We’ve been using Emu Spirit Oil of Emu exclusively since 1995 for everything and everyone. It really helps the massage, particularly because it penetrates right through the skin.’

In between me telling Gary ‘You know, this doesn’t actually feel too bad’ and ‘On second thoughts I take that back,’ I asked Gary to explain why he had continued to use Emu oil. ‘Without a shadow of a doubt, in my opinion, it’s the best oil in the world. What makes it unique is the texture, the purity and of course it’s a natural anti-inflammatory substance.’

‘In treating most injuries, the major contributor is inflammation. We knew Emu Spirit had been proven through the TGA, so the anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Spirit’s Emu oil [gives us] a big plus.’ Gary adds that ‘one of the biggest advantages of using Emu oil compared to other types of massage oil is reduced recovery times for injuries and the low irritation factor on the skin.’

Well, all I knew was that my muscles were beginning to become irritated with me. At this point I would have preferred to run 10km than feel my muscles become loose. Before I knew it Gary told me ‘That’s it, all done.’

That’s it? It felt like it was over too soon. Which was weird, considering how many times I had wished the session would end. I walked out of the treatment room and rolled my neck around a few times. My muscles actually felt better than when I first walked in. For all my complaining, the massage didn’t feel anywhere near as bad as I thought it would. I thought about it a bit longer – it didn’t hurt as much as I perceived it to have done.

I’ve now seen Gary a few more times since this visit and I am happy to say that a) remedial massages no longer hurt b) my migraines are practically gone. And no, I didn’t experience the feared bruising people had warned me about. I actually had one of the best nights’ sleep I had had in a long time.

If you’ve been contemplating massage to treat an injury or any other complaints I recommend you have one as soon as you can. As Gary told me ‘in the long run, the best thing to do is to consider massage as a preventative measure rather than wait until you’re injured. Think of your body as a car: you service your car every so many kilometres, you don’t wait till the lights come on the dashboard. Do the same with your body.’

Mild arthritis and osteoarthritis - Roberta, Portland Oregon

Osteoarthritis - Fil P., Victoria

Arthritis - Charlie F., Lansdowne, NSW

Fibromyalgia / Osteoarthritis - Diane O., Forster, NSW

Childhood eczema - Mrs. Cinzia C.

Childhood eczema - Mariette & Oscar C., Elwood, VIC

Knee operation - Gary A. (Crane Mechanic), Welshpool VIC

Psoriasis - Eva Robson D., VIC

Rheumatoid arthritis - May R., Wantirna,VIC

Sports injury - Lindsay Fisher B., Ridge, QLD

Knee injury - Jill K. T., NSW


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Mild arthritis and osteoarthritis - Roberta, Portland Oregon

I became a loyal customer of Emu Spirit products after Emu oil capsules were recommended by a dental surgeon here in Portland. He had a back injury that left him depending on pain pills. He was not interested in a future of relying on pain killing drugs. So, he did his research, here in the U.S and in Australia looking for an alternative treatment. He found Emu Spirit and Emu oil capsules. He found them very effective. When he heard my complaints, he gave me a generous supply of his capsules to try.

I started taking 6 Emu oil Capsules 3 times a day. I gradually lowered the amount to 4 capsules 2 times a day. If I’m having a bad day, I can also safely increase the amount.

I have mild Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and the lingering discomfort from a broken hip. My hip surgeon tells me I have no cartilage in my knee joints. Applying the Emu Spirit Arthritic and Muscular Rub to the knees and leg muscles has made a world of difference. I am also applying the Emu oil rub on my hands. They have symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel.

I even massage the Arthritic and Muscular Rub into my feet, which seems to have some neuropathy. Cold rub right from the refrigerator wakes them up.

I think there is a good future for Emu oil products. Even my doctor’s nurse’s mother uses the oil.

Thanks for all your help

Osteoarthritis - Fil P., Victoria

As I have been an osteoarthritis sufferer for many years, I was on quite strong pain medications and taking approximately 20 throughout the day, just to keep the pain at bay. I was also taking glucosamine on a daily basis. Having been told about emu oil, I had decided to give it a try……….after all, it’s a natural product, so no harm could be done right? My only complaint about all this is, WHY WASN’T I TOLD ABOUT EMU OIL EARLIER !!!!!!!!!!!!! Once I started taking Emu Spirit Emu Oil on a daily basis, I haven’t had to take the pain killers at all for my osteoarthritis. It seemed like the effects were immediate, but I know it wasn’t, oh what a relief. I have now been taking Emu Spirit Emu Oil Capsules for about 9 years and will continue to do so.

I have told all and sundry about the benefits of this amazing product and my mother has been rubbing the emu oil directly on her bunions, after about 4 months, she doesn’t have any trouble with them anymore, in fact the bunions have almost disappeared.

I send the Emu Oil Soap to relatives in Germany, one of whom has psoriasis, they just love the soap and use it constantly, finding it helps the Psoriasis immensely.

I can’t sing the praises of Emu Spirit Emu Oil loud enough, not only is the product fabulous, the Management and staff are oh so helpful also. It’s a pleasure dealing with them.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Arthritis - Charlie F., Lansdowne, NSW

G’day, what a good product this is!!!!!!I started taking them for an arthritic type of condition in my shoulder, finger and right forearm and although the pain is not gone completely, it’s about 85% better. I’ve been having 3 x 3 times a day for nearly 2 months. As well as the joint pains being diminished, I generally feel better. I’ve lost weight, have heaps more energy, reduced the amount of Quickeze I take and am a nicer person to be around (Wife says this!). Well done to you for this good oil.

Best wishes to you

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Fibromyalgia / Osteoarthritis - Diane O., Forster, NSW

For the greater part of my adulthood, I have suffered the effects of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. During the past five years, the condition has gradually worsened, affecting my hands, feet, shoulders and lower back. Because of my condition, I have developed scoliosis of the spine and have made several visits to medical specialists in an endeavour to obtain some relief from my constant pain. Success in that area has been minimal.

For the past five years, and on medical advice, I have been taking strong painkillers and anti-inflammatory preparations. These have provided me with some pain relief, but unfortunately their constant use has left me with severe stomach disorders. Until recently, I have not been confident to go out without taking with me a supply of painkillers.

On 20th April 2001, I was introduced to Emu Spirit capsules by Dennis and Maureen Dalton (your agents here in Forster, New South Wales), who explained the benefits of your product to me, and how it might be of assistance. I was at first sceptical about your products, but nevertheless agreed to give it a try, and on their advice entered a programme of Emu Sprit capsules.

Commencing on the 20th April 2001, I began taking the capsules, six at a time, three times daily – a total of 18 per day. Within three weeks, after taking 18 capsules per day, I noticed that I was suffering less severe pain and discomfort, and so was becoming less reliant on painkilling preparations, and at times noticing an almost complete absence of pain.

On 17th May 2001, I travelled from my brother’s home in Queensland by public transport to Taree – a journey occupying about 11 hours, and almost constantly sitting in the one position on coach and train. I am pleased to report that, although I experienced some discomfort, it was nowhere as severe as I had anticipated. No doubt, ingestion of your product was instrumental in making my journey much more comfortable.

Between 20th April and 31st May 2001, I had maintained a dosage of 18 capsules per day. On 31st May, I lowered my intake to 12 per day, to see how I would cope. Despite the lowered dosage, there was no noticeable increase in pain.

On 11th June 2001, I again lowered the dosage to 6 capsules per day, and have maintained that quantity up until the present. The constant pain I had experienced prior to taking Emu Spirit capsules has been dramatically reduced, allowing me much more freedom of movement. Obviously, it cannot be assumed that Emu Spirit is a “miracle cure” for arthritic and fibromyalgic conditions, but my experience tells me that, provided it is taken according to your recommendations, it will be of assistance in alleviating the pain and distress accompanying them. I am now a regular client of Emu Spirit. I intend to remain as such, and have no hesitation in recommending it to my fellow sufferers. I can positively say now that my original scepticism has been replaced by gratitude in having been introduced to Emu Spirit. It has assisted me to lead a more active lifestyle, and has made me less reliant on painkillers – which is a bonus in itself.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Childhood eczema - Mrs. Cinzia C.

My son Dylan was born with a rare condition of dry skin and the skin specialists brought it down to eczema. The doctor said he would outgrow this condition and prescribed xxxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxx cream to prevent itchiness and dryness. These creams however made no difference to his skin. On going on an overseas trip with my son I was given a herbal wash treatment in the hope that this would clear his condition, but once again it failed. When returning to Australia, a friend of the family gave me some Emu Spirit Emu Oil. I have been using this oil for over 6 months and have found it cleared his face and most of his body and I am sill continuing with the treatment.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Childhood eczema - Mariette & Oscar C., Elwood, VIC

I would like to start this off by formally thanking you for your kindness towards my son and also, of course, for your introduction to Emu Spirit Emu Oil. As you know, he has had severe eczema, which he has had since the age of 16 months and it has gradually been escalating since then. He is now just six years old.

By the time I first met you I had tried many different therapies, creams and food exclusions. He had also been hospitalised twice. I started using the emu oil externally on him twice to three times a day and then internally three times a day. I gave him 1/2 a teaspoon each time and now have increased that a little with the occasional one teaspoon.

That was about two months ago now. I have kept up all the other treatments that I had previously been giving him but have noted a marked improvement in the time that we started to use the oil. His hair that had always been dry and lifeless (and was very slow to grow) has changed dramatically. It is now thick shiny and grows well (it even has a slight curl!). It has helped to change his appearance so much – he doesn’t look like a sick boy any more. His vitality generally has also greatly improved. Before, it was impossible to get him out of bed in the morning and he is now consistently bouncing out of bed of his own accord. He was always complaining of the cold before, even on hot days and I haven’t heard that from him for quite a while now. He has a bounce in his step and is not nearly as clinging and whingey as he was. In fact he is a happy and confident boy again. I have no doubt at all that the use of this oil has contributed to his improvement. I dare not stop using it such is my confidence in the product.

I would definitely recommend its use as a supplement for other people with skin conditions and I would like to thank you again, sincerely, for taking the time to suggest I try it and for the benefits that it has given to my son and therefore the rest of my whole family. Regards and many, many thanks

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Knee operation - Gary A. (Crane Mechanic), Welshpool VIC

For many years Gary had suffered from a collapsing knee – it was so bad that he had to crawl around the cranes he worked on, in fear his knee would collapse, causing him to fall. Dr. David Young of Melbourne Orthopaedic Group, suggested that Gary have arthroscopic surgery to prolong the use of his knee for another two years, before a knee replacement was inevitable. During Gary’s operation, Dr. Young discovered there was much more deterioration than first thought, and believed Gary would be limping in three months.

After the surgery, Gary developed gout, due to excessive swelling and inflammation. Gary took three “Emu Spirit” Omega 369 Capsules three times a day, and applied “Emu Spirit” Oil of Emu to his knee and feet where symptoms of gout were present. Gary reports the following:

“After taking the “Emu Spirit” Omega 369 capsules and applying the “Emu Spirit” Oil of Emu topically, I found that after the first ten days, there was xxxxxxxx xxxxxx from xxxx, and a significant reduction in the swelling of my knee, enabling me to resume work repairing cranes. By the end of the third week, my knee showed no sign of swelling for the first time in many years. I have also found that if I leave “Emu Spirit” Oil Of Emu behind when I’m travelling interstate to work on cranes, within a day or so, my knee blows up with fluid. When I return home, I immediately apply “Emu Spirit” Oil Of Emu on my knee, and within a day, the swelling goes down”.

On Mr. Avery’s three month follow up visit to his surgeon, xx xxxxx expressed xxxxxxxxx at the lack of swelling and fluid on the knee – and was surprised that Gary was no longer limping.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Psoriasis - Eva Robson D., VIC

Thought this might be of interest to fellow sufferers of Psoriasis, especially after the last publication on ‘Powering Moisture’.

I have come across natural product “Emu Spirit Oil” which I have found wonderful and xx xxxx xxxxxxx. Having tried everything over 40 years to get rid of Psoriasis, I am so pleased at the result of this product. For the first 6 weeks I took . teaspoon 3 times a day. If you cannot take it neat, try orange juice, tea or spread it on toast. I found it quite pleasant just off the spoon. When I showered and dried I rubbed oil in all over my body, arms legs etc, feet. It absorbs very quickly with no grease and NO smell.

I decided to do this for 3 months, although after 6 weeks I noticed marked improvement, so I was not quite as strict. Today after 3 months I am really very clear of everything and for a laugh, “No Feathers”. I just hope this helps fellow members as it has helped me.


Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Rheumatoid arthritis - May R., Wantirna,VIC

Diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis in 1992. Over the years I’ve been on xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx (20gms weekly for 8 years), xxxxx and xxxxx.

In June I started taking 1 teaspoon of Emu Spirit 3 times daily as well as rubbing it into my skin. I’m still taking half a teaspoon 3 times daily- and rubbing it into my hands at bedtime.

I cannot say how wonderful it is to have supple hands and fingers again. I now look forward to getting off xxxxxxxxxxxx. Ever grateful to God – and Emu Spirit. Thankyou so much- will do all I can to promote your product.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Sports injury - Lindsay Fisher B., Ridge, QLD

I have been taking Emu Spirit Oil for approximately 7 months, I am pleased to report the results. As a 59-year-old man, who loves many sports and being actively involved, I have suffered injuries to both elbows and right shoulder, which has caused my activities to suffer. Since using Emu Spirit Oil of Emu the pain in these areas has disappeared, this allowing me to increase my sports and become more

competitive. It’s pleasing to have this opportunity to thank your organization and wonderful products.


Exceptional result-Actual result may vary. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Knee injury - Jill K. T., NSW

Congratulations Emu Spirit for a great product! For some years, I have taken 2 xxxxx tablets for xxxxxxx xxxxxx, I still suffer pain after meals. Also suffered great deal of pain from knee injury, then knee surgery. I was told I would have to have a knee replacement.

8 weeks ago, I started taking Emu Spirit Oil of Emu 3 times a day, great results. No pain from my xxxxxx after meals. No pain from my old knee. I am walking everyday now, something I could not do for months. I start my day with a desert spoon of Emu Spirit, keeps the pain away.

Exceptional result-Actual result may vary If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner.