The Benefits of Facial Massage

The Benefits of Facial Massage

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of massage for muscular pain and soreness, but have you heard of a facial massage? It’s a new form of treatment, relaxation and skincare, with a range of health benefits beyond beauty.

Facial massage techniques involve stimulating pressure points on the face, neck and shoulders, usually using an oil or balm to lubricate the skin and prevent scratches.

So what’s the benefit?

In a nutshell, facial massage helps to reduce tension, improves the tone and texture of your skin, encourages circulation, and brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface. It also gets bonus points for boosting product efficacy – so when you use emu oil as your base carrier oil, all its natural skin benefits get absorbed even deeper into the skin’s layers. 

There has been further research and anecdotal evidence about the benefits of facial massage. Here are 4 major reasons you should try a facial massage:

1. Skin Rejuvenation

Facial massage can improve the overall appearance of your skin. Studies in anti-aging and wrinkles found that facial massage improved the skin’s wrinkles, sagging and texture. Research and anecdotal evidence also found that the stimulation of the facial muscles during massage can result in skin tightening, through a boost in circulation.

2. Sinus Pressure

You can also use facial massage as a method to relieve discomfort and congestion as a result of sinus pressure. This is grounded on the theory that sinus massage may help to promote the drainage of mucus, to alleviate headaches and boost circulation.

3. TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

According to studies, trigger point massage may help relieve tight, inflamed, and painful jaw muscles. Those who suffer from TMJ may greatly benefit from a regular facial massage routine. The conditions of TMJ can include headaches, earaches, and lockjaw – usually caused by jaw clenching or teeth grinding. In some serious cases, where Botox may be required to alleviate the pain from TMJ, a non-invasive method like facial massage can be a worthwhile consideration.

4. Scar Tissue

Recent studies found that massage therapy was effective in reducing itchy, tender, and painful skin, while also improving the appearance of raised scars.

Massages can be very beneficial to the healing process of facial scarring. This is because the motion of massage, especially on and around the scar tissue area, may help to increase blood flow, loosen up nearby tissue, and flatten skin bumps.

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