5 Ancient Health Remedies

5 Ancient Health Remedies

The modern world is loud and proud about all of the new things it has to offer, but when it comes to preventative medicine, has science been able to replace the tried and tested remedies of the past?

Here are 5 Ancient Remedies that can help improve your health and general wellbeing. 


5 Ancient Health Remedies cayenne pepper


It took less than 50 years from the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus for the Cayenne pepper to spread across every continent of the world and be adopted into countless cultural cuisines and medicinal practices.

Excluding garlic, there isn’t a food on the planet that has as many health and nutritional benefits which are supported by over 3000 peer reviewed studies. From protecting you from heart disease to boosting your immune system, Cayenne does it all. However, the most popular medicinal use for Cayenne throughout history has been pain relief.

When combined with Olive Oil and Beeswax, Cayenne can be made into a salve that keeps for a long time and has natural healing and pain relief properties when applied to closed wounds.


5 Ancient Health Remedies blackberries


Aside from being a yummy staple in any good pastry chef’s kitchen, the blackberry has a long history of medicinal value throughout Europe. Its history dates back as early as 2,500 years ago and is an ideal food for anybody looking a natural and healthy remedy to ageing.

The blackberry contains hundreds of phytonutrients and phytochemicals that have immense anti-aging properties which help your body to detoxify and repair itself after a workout. Blackberries are also rich in tannins which reduce intestinal inflammation and reduce belly bloat, giving you that much desired trim belly. The blackberry also contains large amounts of Vitamin E, which assist in combating arthritis, chronic inflammation and other age-related illnesses.

We have only scratched the surface on the health points of blackberries but it’s easy as pie to obtain them all. Just add a cup to your morning breakfast to reap the benefits.


5 Ancient Health Remedies ginger


Ginger is a flowering plant from the jungles of Southeast Asia. Its “tubers” or “roots” are the part of the plant that have commonly been used in cooking and medicine for thousands of years.

The unique flavour of ginger comes from one of its natural oils called Gingerol. Research on Gingerol has shown it to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, neuroprotective and gastroprotective properties.

Ginger does a lot to keep you healthy. It’s also an incredibly effective natural remedy for nausea so be sure to load up after a big night out by adding a little bit of ginger to your morning tea.


5 Ancient Health Remedies echinicea


What did the ancient indigenous peoples of North America take when they caught a cold? Unfortunately, they didn’t have access to Codral Cold and Flu as we do today. They did however have a secret weapon in the form of a flower called Echinacea.

Echinacea is a flowering plant in the daisy family. They are commonly called coneflowers and are found exclusively in the eastern and north America where they grow in dry wooded areas. Echinacea are famous for their natural flu fighting properties and their ability to strengthen your immune system.

The best part is you don’t have to book a long flight to North America next time you catch the flu. Echinacea extract is widely available in pill or gel form at most major pharmacies across Australia.


5 Ancient Health Remedies emu oil

Emu Oil 

For thousands of years, the native aboriginal people of Australia have relied heavily on Emu Oil for countless therapeutic and regenerative purposes, and for good reason, it works!

Today, we have rendered Emu Oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties into convenient capsules to help provide natural relief from conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatism, Eczema and Psoriasis.

We at Emu Spirit has gone to great lengths to ensure that our Emu Oil is 100% pure by developing a trademarked process called OilTek™ which ensures that our oil maintains the same molecular structure as the raw, natural product which was used by the great and wise aboriginal medicine men and women of the past.

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