Using Emu Oil for Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing

Using Emu Oil for Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing emu spirit

Our pets are a part of the family and we want the very best for them. Just like any member of the family, pets can sometimes experience muscle and joint pain (particularly as they age) and skin conditions such as rashes, bites and irritations.

Emu oil is a highly penetrating remedial oil that has multiple applications on animals. Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties that can effectively relieve pain internally and topically, it can be used effectively on all kinds of animals, including horses, cats, dogs and rabbits.

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to cure all – look no further than emu oil.

Using Emu Oil for Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing emu spirit

Why choose emu oil for your pet

First of all, why not? Emu oil can soothe pain and irritations for humans, so why not for our furry friends?

One of the great things about emu oil compared to other treatments is that it is non-toxic. Many prescription products may mask your pet’s symptoms rather than alleviate them, potentially causing long term damage. Emu oil safely penetrates the skin and provides relief for pets.  If you’re worried that your pet will lick their sores, you don’t have to be concerned when using emu oil.

Moreover, emu oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungul, natural and hypo-allergenic; which means it’s gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

Using Emu Oil for Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing emu spirit

What can emu oil be used for:

Emu oil can treat a range of pet problems. More and more pet owners are realising the benefits of using emu oil on their pets for reducing inflammation, joint pain, irritations and allergies. Here are some of the most common uses for emu oil on pets:

– Joint Pain and Stiffness
– Healing Flea Bites
– Relieving Allergy Symptoms
– Arthritis
– Muscle Pain
– Stomach Problems
– Hair Loss
– Skin Infection
– Lame Joints
– Bleeding from Scratching and Wounds
– Sunburn
– Ear Mites and Bug Bites
– Eczema
– Ear Infections
– Hot spots

Using Emu Oil for Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing emu spirit

How to apply emu oil on your pet

Emu oil can be used topically or internally, depending on what it is being used to treat. Here are a few ways to easily incorporate emu oil into your pet’s health routine.

1. Emu oil contains essential fatty acids that are good for skin and hair. Some dog groomers often add a drop of emu oil to shampoo (it’s known to give your pet a healthy, shiny and thick coat). Why not create an ‘at home day spa’ and give them the luxury treatment!

2. You can rub a few drops on your hands, then rub your hands through your pet’s fur. This is good for their fur and good for your hands too (win win!). Your dog will appreciate the massage and pampering, especially if it makes them feel better afterwards.

3. Mixing pure emu oil into your pet food as a dietary supplement has been known to help stomach problems and increase your pet’s energy levels. This is due to the high levels of essential fatty acids in emu oil. Fussy eaters rest assured; they won’t be able to taste the emu oil.


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