The Beauty of Emu Oil: Treating your Face, Hair & Nails

  • The Beauty of Emu Oil: Treating your Face, Hair & Nails   

With a history of about 80 million years of existence in regions around Australia, emu oil plays a vital role in the medicinal field to treat hair, skin and nails. The oil can be used topically as well as intake due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its make up is composed of 70% Omega 3, 6 and 9 and also Vitamin A, which all play a part to help the body fight signs of anti-ageing on the skin. Here are a list of emu oil benefits for treating your face, hair and nails.

The Beauty of Emu Oil: Treating your Face, Hair & Nails


Anti-ageing: emu oil penetrates deep into the dermis and aids in collagen regeneration. This helps the skin become firm and smooth. The vitamins and antioxidants moisturize deep into the skin and keep it healthy from the root. Additionally. it can diminish wrinkles and give your skin a natural glossy glow.

Acne: inflammation of the skin due to clogged cores can cause acne. Unlike other products, emu oil does not clog pores. Even if you apply emu oil on your face, your skin still breathes. The oil kills bacteria and it is suitable for most skin types because it is hypoallergenic in nature. This makes it one of the best natural treatments for acne.

Dark circles: Eye bags can make your face look duller and less awake. Emu oil can improve blood circulation under the eyes and fade dark circles. It can also reconstruct your skin to ward off lines under your eyes, and with regular use it can also reduce eye puffiness.

Scars: regular use of emu oil has been shown to reduce the appearance of scars. It can give you an even skin tone as well as nourish it to keep it soft.

The Beauty of Emu Oil: Treating your Face, Hair & Nails


Split ends: a common sign of damage due to dirt and chemicals, split ends can be treated with emu oil. The natural oil supplies necessary nutrients to the hair and may be able to repair split ends.

Hair growth: the presence of fatty acid-Linoleic acid helps the hair follicles to regenerate new hair. This oil penetrates deep into the scalp to build a healthy root. Emu oil studies have found it prevents the progress of hair loss to alopecia, and further studies have noticed hair regrowth after 30 days of continuous use.

Itchy scalp: emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, which means it can combat redness and itchy scalps. The oil calms irritation by fighting free radicals on the scalp, and prevent dandruff by moisturising the scalp.

The Beauty of Emu Oil: Treating your Face, Hair & Nails


Nail Fungus: this infection that can be painful and uncomfortable to deal with. You can keep nail fungus at bay by using emu oil. Experiments have shown that applying emu oil twice a day on the nail fungus region can heal it by one week.

Nourish nails: hard and dull nails can be improved! Caused mostly be a lack of nourishment, you can apply emu oil to your nails to moisturize cuticles and soften nails. Over time this can make your nails strong and beautiful.

With so many benefits to your face, hair and nails – it’s time to add emu oil into your beauty routine.

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