Research Suggests Anti-Inflammatories are Key to Treating Acne

research emu oil treating acne effectively with anti-inflammatory

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory known for its healing properties, but can it be used to effectively treat acne?

In March 2010, Dr Jenny J. Kim associate professor of dermatology at the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA) announced that there is now a new treatment to help fight acne which will lay the basis for future treatments.

Dr Kim said “Sometimes it is hard for patients dealing with acne… to understand why, even with ongoing treatment, they cannot get rid of their symptoms forever. I explain to them that these conditions are similar to having any chronic disease, like having diabetes – there is no cure yet, but we can control the symptoms. Just like insulin helps maintain a diabetic’s blood sugar, patients with acne… need to find a treatment regimen that works for them to maintain clear skin.”

What Causes Acne

There are many factors that cause acne such as excess oil production, skin inflammation, and skin cells that shed too quickly which then produce a number of the acne-causing bacteria. Hormones also play a part in acne which can often lead to acne lesions and flare ups.

Old Treatments

In the past, acne has been treated solely with antibiotics, however it is now believed that long-term antibiotic use can lead to acne bacteria becoming resistant and therefore less effective. This has lead to new treatment development.

New Treatments

So what are the new acne treatments? The answer: Anti-inflammatories. Dr. Kim states that the newer anti-inflammatory treatments lessen the severity of acne and reduces the redness and swelling of acne.

Emu Oil for Acne Treatment

Emu oil is a safe, natural and effective anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and swelling, and can be used in the treatment and prevention of scarring often associated with acne. Emu oil can be used as a topical or an internal (oral) application and due to its anti-bacterial properties, does not promote the growth of bacteria, keeping your acne affected areas clean while encouraging new skin cell growth.

If this new research is anything to go by, antibiotics could well be a thing of the past for acne treatments. Say hello to renewed, repaired and revitalized skin, with the help of emu oil.

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