Healthier Alternatives to Serve at Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time full of love, gifts, laughter… and bellies. Oftentimes, we over eat during Christmas and end up spending the last days of the year feeling sorry for ourselves. Here are a list of easy alternatives you can adopt this Christmas to make slightly healthier choices, that don’t compromise on the fun and joy of having a Christmas meal!

• Instead of frying your foods, opt to bake it in foil.
• Serve fruits on the Christmas table – they’re much better than cake.
• Do not add sugar to the dried fruits compote.
• A soup serving of about 1 cup per person should be sufficient.
• Instead of mayonnaise or fat sour cream, use plain yogurt.
• Temper the mayonnaise with some yogurt in your salad.
• Reduce the amount of dried fruits and honey by half while preparing cakes and sweets.
• Swap out full fat yoghurt, gravy and dips with non-fat or low-fat alternatives.
• Save some alcohol calories by drinking wine spritzers (add soda water to your glass)
• Switch our dark meats for turkey meat.
• Change your white bread rolls to whole-wheat bread rolls.
• Prepare cold desserts using sweetener instead of sugar.
• Make fruit-infused water instead of punch.
• Serve roasted potatoes instead of mashed.
• Instead of greasing the molds and casserole dishes, use special baking paper.
• Use more egg whites, and less yolks, when preparing cakes.
• Set the table with small dishes – especially when it comes to soup bowls and plates.
• Prepare no more than 150g per serving.

• Last but not least, take your emu oil daily to improve your gastrointestinal health. You can even add drops of emu oil to your smoothies, salads, cereals and cold drinks!

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