Emu Oil: Your Skin Healer

Originally used by native Aborigines for treating infections and sun protection, the practice of using emu oil for skin healing dates back thousands of years in Australia. Emu oil is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamins A, D and E, Vitamin K2, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid. It’s incredibly nourishing for your skin because it is naturally rich in collagen, nutrients and healthy fats, which makes emu oil regenerative in nature.

Have you incorporated emu oil into your skincare regimen yet? Here are some of the skin issues that emu oil can help heal.


Dry Skin

Winter weather shows on your skin. From the cold, windy conditions outside to heaters zapping moisture from the air indoors, your skin really takes a beating. Whether your skin feels dry, patchy, irritated or cracked, emu oil is here to heal your skin and save the day. Emu oil penetrates all 7 dermal layers of the skin, locks in moisture, and protects your skin from the elements.

Tip: Apply emu oil as a spot treatment for dry spots. Remember – a little drop goes a long way!


Even though it’s winter, that’s no excuse to not protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Remember, Australians are exposed to stronger UV rays, even in winter. If you do experience mild sunburn, the essential fatty acids in emu oil help to replenish skin, and promote skin cell regeneration. Emu oil helps to reduce the appearance of redness and won’t further irritate sensitive skin.

Tip: begin applying emu oil immediately after discovering sunburn, and continue to apply until the sunburn dissipates.

Dark Circles and Spots

The skin around your eyes is very delicate, and may start to show your age as the skin starts to change. Turn back the clock and let your skin glow again! Fight the signs of aging by utilising the naturally occurring fatty acids in emu oil to give your skin a healthy boost. Emu oil moisturises the fragile skin around your eyes, reducing the appearance of dark circles. The elasticity of the skin is renewed and dark spots may fade after continued use around the area.

Tip: gently moisturise under your eyes with emu oil as part of your daily skin care routine. You can even mix emu oil with eye cream for added moisturisation.


Emu oil may help to reduce the redness of scars and burns. It is a 100% natural and non-toxic way to heal your skin while avoiding any trace of chemicals or harmful additives. Emu oil may help stimulate new cell growth and sooth inflamed areas.

Tip: apply emu oil to scars every few hours, and remember to protect the area from sun exposure.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when your skin is pulled by growth or stretching. Though the skin is fairly elastic, when overstretched; the normal production of collagen is disrupted. As a result, scars called stretch marks may form. The key is in both prevention and protection. Emu oil keeps skin nourished and elastic to prevent stretch marks. It can also help reduce existing stretch marks as it promotes the growth of new layers of skin while helping shed old dead layers of skin cells.

Tip: start using emu oil on areas that are prone to stretch marks, such as thighs, hips and lower back. Apply daily to visible stretch marks.

Skin Allergies

Allergies that appear on your skin can be irritating when it is itchy, flaky and inflamed. Emu oil can be used to sooth your skin without the side effects of prescription medications. It can help build up your skin’s natural defences, as well as keeping your skin moisturised. Better yet, emu oil is suitable for all skin types, and is even gentle on sensitive skin.

Tip: keep emu oil on hand to apply immediately after exposure to allergens.

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