Emu oil: this summer’s secret weapon

Summer is well and truly here. With the hot heat, annoying Aussie bugs and longer days spent outdoors… it’s time to bring out this season’s secret weapon: emu oil.

There’s no need to rush out and buy a hundred different remedies for your family. This time, you only need Emu Spirit’s 100% Pure Oil of Emu. One product. Multiple purposes.

Emu oil: this summer’s secret weapon

1. Bug Bites

Are you a walking target for insect bites? We all know they come out to play in summer, and they mean business. Protect your skin by applying emu oil and massaging it into your skin – it can act as a natural insect deterrent (just like how emu oil was used by natives thousands of years ago!). Don’t worry if you do get bit by an insect – pure emu oil is great for soothing itchy or painful skin.

Emu oil: this summer’s secret weapon

2. Hair Protection

Constant heat, sun damage and chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils – leaving your locks dull and dry. If your regular conditioning treatments aren’t doing the job, a natural alternative is… you guessed it; emu oil! Add moisture and nutrients back to your hair by massaging pure emu oil onto your scalp and ends. Emu oil may also help repair split ends, regenerate hair growth and cure itchy scalps.

Emu oil: this summer’s secret weapon

3. Sun Care

It’s no secret you’ll be slapping on the sunscreen tenfold in the summer. With Australia’s harsh UV rays in mind, you should be using a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen, and re-applying a few times a day. For an extra layer of sun protection (and peace of mind), apply a base of pure emu oil to your skin before using your regular sunscreen. But that’s not all. If you get caught out in the sun and end up a little burnt… you can use emu oil to treat your skin; soothing the pain and itchiness instantly. It’s been known to work as a great after-sun treatment.

4. Muscle Treatment

Summer fun is about spending more time outdoors, playing sports and enjoying a more active lifestyle. With that extra activity means your muscles might ache, or you may experience some muscle pain if you overexert yourself. Soothe sore muscles with pure emu oil – it can effectively target inflammation and pain points when you massage the oil into your skin. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil can penetrate the outer layer of skin and improve circulation to speed up the recovery process. Use it both before and after exercise to alleviate your muscles and joints, and prevent injuries.

Emu oil: this summer’s secret weapon

5. Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis sufferers know the pain and discomfort happens all year round, but, in summer weather it can be almost unbearable. Our joints contain sensory nerves that respond to changing weather, and temperature or humidity can alter the level of fluids that fills your joints. This results in inflammation and pain, as well as stiffness in your muscles and ligaments. Apart from staying indoors, staying hydrated and wearing loose clothing; massaging emu oil to your body can help to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. Research in Australia found that topical emu oil applications reduced arthritis in rates.



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