Discovering Doggy Dermatisis


emu spirit doggy dermatitis

Humans suffer from a range of skin allergies and dermatitis, but did you know there’s such a thing as “doggy dermatitis”?! That’s right – your furry friend can also experience skin conditions as a result of allergies and it can often get serious if left unchecked. Read on to discover 4 main causes of dermatitis in your canine companion, and how to treat it.


emu spirit doggy dermatitis

Food Allergies

Yes, even though your dog’s stomach seems indestructible, that doesn’t mean that your dog can’t develop allergies to their food, even the food they’ve eaten their entire life! It is not entirely uncommon for a dog to develop food allergies later on in its life which can cause a painful and itchy dermatological reaction.

If you are unsure why your dog is suddenly developing dermatitis, it may be prudent to introduce a Food Elimination Diet. This is where you introduce your dog to a brand-new single protein source (that they have never eaten before) and monitor for improvement over an 8-week period. You can find many high-quality and complete single protein dog food alternatives at any reputable pet store.

emu spirit doggy dermatitis

Flea Allergies

Your dog can develop dermatological symptoms from fleas, and it is often the dogs that rarely experience fleas that are the most prone to developing a reaction from the flea’s saliva. Luckily, flea treatment is affordable and abundant, so this issue can be easily overcome.


emu spirit doggy dermatitis

Staphylococcus Hypersensitivity

This is an inflammatory skin condition which causes your dog’s immune system to overreact to the Staphylococcal pyoderma bacteria on its skin. This can result in a lesion surrounded by dry itchy skin. It is common for your dog to scratch or bite at the rash, which can cause the bacterial infection to spread. Therefore, it is recommended that your dog is placed in an Elizabethan Collar to stop the rash from getting worse. Your vet will most likely prescribe an antibiotic treatment to deal with and bring the infection under control before advising on the next course of action.


emu spirit doggy dermatitis

Contact Allergies

Dogs aren’t that difference to us, and allergens that can affect humans on contact may even affect your dog. This can include pollen, different types of grass, trees, weeds and dust mites. If you are unable to identify what exactly may be causing a dermatological reaction within your dog’s environment, then you will likely need to see an animal dermatologist for allergy testing.

Managing your dog’s allergies can be a frustrating and complicated task, as it can often be a long process of elimination as you try to find the cause, while also managing and alleviating your dog’s symptoms. The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways to reduce your pet’s general discomfort such as washing the affected area more often with a special PH neutral shampoo, or applying a few drops of Emu Spirit 100% Pure Oil of Emu on the area of contact which can reduce itchiness and assist in the healing process.

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