5 Unexpected Things You Can Use Emu Oil For

5 Unexpected Things You Can Use Emu Oil For

Emu oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties can be used to treat a range of health issues. The most common are psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, inflammatory pain and discomfort of the muscles, joints and skin.

It’s no secret Australian Aborigines have used emu oil in a multitude of ways to naturally treat aches, pains and skin conditions over thousands of years. (Fun fact: According to their oral history, emu oil has been used for over 40,000 years!). It’s only natural that after prolonged trial, usage and success; studies have found many more amazing benefits to using emu oil – making it a wonderfully holistic product to promote general wellbeing and health!

Emu oil may be helpful for…

1. Skincare and Anti-Aging
Researched suggests that applying emu oil to the skin may help increase the number of healthy skin cells. Emu oil stimulates the skin to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles, and rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin. It’s also been recommended for use in the treatment of skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia, rosacea, hypopigmentation and even chickenpox and shingles!

2. Repelling Insects
Applying emu oil to the skin before heading outdoors can help repel bugs This is partly due to substances called terpenes found in the oil. Many insects are disoriented or repelled by terpenes, and putting the oil on exposed skin can keep the bugs at bay.

3. Reducing Cholesterol
When induced orally, emu oil may reduce cholesterol in the body. In 2004, researchers found that hamsters that consumed emu oil had significantly lower cholesterol levels than those that received coconut oil in their diet.

4. Treating Ulcers
According to research, emu oil may also help treat ulcers. In people who had ulcers, applications of emu oil had a protective effect. In some cases, the emu oil even reduced the size of the ulcers!

5. Breast Sensitivity
According to research, emu oil may also reduce the breast sensitivity common in breastfeeding mothers. Soreness, engorgement, cracked and dry skin can be experienced by some women. Researchers found that when breastfeeding mothers used an emu-based cream for a 24 hour period beginning soon after delivery, the breast areola and nipple skin was more hydrated.

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