4 Unknown Benefits of Emu Oil

4 unknown benefits of emu oil

You’ve heard of the common benefits of emu oil before; it’s been known to help relieve patients with arthritis, eczema and even PMS.

The list doesn’t end there though. It turns out emu oil has more hidden talents! We’ve discovered 4 interesting and useful ways you can use emu oil to improve your overall health…

4 unknown benefits of emu oil

1. Sun Protection

With warmer weather officially on the horizon, we have to think twice before stepping out of the house. We’ve all been taught to apply sunscreen to combat Australia’s harsh UV rays, but did you know there’s an extra layer of protection you can offer yourself?

Emu oil can be used as a natural sunscreen when applied underneath your regular SPF. Too late, already burnt? You can also use emu oil as a treatment for sunburn.

Emu oil also contains linoleic acid, with helps boost skin health by reducing the appearance of sun spots. Studies have shown that linoleic acid helps lighten ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation of the skin by inhibiting melanin production. Because of emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is found to stimulate skin cell regeneration and circulation to reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin and wrinkles.

Disclaimer: emu oil is not a substitute for sun screen.

4 unknown benefits of emu oil

2. Insect Repellent

Now that the weather is warming up, we’re starting to spend more days in the outdoors – making us the perfect target for bugs and insect bites! Emu oil contains substances called terpenes, which disorient many insects. Applying emu oil on exposed skin can keep the bugs at bay when you’re out and about.

Cockroaches, head lice, mosquitoes and kissing bugs are among the insects that can be repelled by terpenes, making emu oil a good natural alternative to harsher chemicals on the market. Furthermore, if you do get bitten by an insect, emu oil is also great for soothing itchy or painful skin. It’s wise to keep this multi-purpose product in your summer arsenal.

Source: Johnson, J. (2017). Everything you need to know about emu oil. Medical News Today

4 unknown benefits of emu oil

3. Itchy Scalp Conditions and Hair loss

It might be a good time to consider emu oil for your hair care too! The natural benefits of emu oil for hair include:

– Stimulating hair growth
– Helping to prevent hair loss
– Combats dandruff
– Helping dry scalp and split ends
– Is a natural moisturiser for dry, damaged hair and scalp
– Imparts shine

There are a few ways to incorporate emu oil into your hair care routine. Simply massage the emu oil onto your scalp and hair, apply a small amount to clean wet hair before styling, or mix a few drops with your usual shampoo or conditioner.

Source: Bunton, N. (undated). Fun in the sun with confidence.

 4 unknown benefits of emu oil

4. Benefits the Gastrointestinal System

A study in 2012 conducted in Australia found that emu oil, when administered orally and topically, possesses significant anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers indicated that it is able to even treat anti-inflammatory disorders affecting the gastrointestinal system!

The results showed that emu oil provided partial protection against chemotherapy-induced mucositis, a painful inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract. Based on these findings, researchers concluded that emu oil is able to improve intestinal repair and may even help treat ulcers.

Source: Abimosleh, S.M., Tran, C.D. & Howarth, G.S. (2012). Emu Oil: A novel therapeutic for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract? Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 27, 857–861.

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